Supervision and Top-Ups


I offer supportive supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists who focus on delivering integrative or psychodynamic therapy to their clients which is very often short term or time limited.

This support includes thinking about your case dynamics and about the treatment and techniques that you offer, ensuring that whatever I suggest is congruent with your style.

Supervision with me is collaborative. I will support your autonomy, self-confidence, self-awareness and your secure sense of professional identity. My goal for your practice is to become more efficient and effective while you build on the positive experience of your casework.

‘Supervision offers us the opportunity to become present to that moment of awareness, to slow down so that the wound, disturbance of disconnection that seems to be breaking everything and us apart, is, instead, the road back home.’ (Wilmot, J., Passionate Supervision)

Top-up Therapy

I offer short term time limited top-ups for counsellors and psychotherapists who would like to consider integrating their skills and style with non-dual meditation. In practice this means that you will think about how to integrate your meditation, bodily sensations, emotions and images into your therapeutic practice. You will focus on how to expand your resilience and interweave compassion and kindness into your style. More importantly, you will be learning how to work with affect that lingers in your body after sessions and how to transform it. With time your practice will come to you more effortlessly and with a deeper meaning and connection to your inner resources.

Supervision – High Holborn