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What do I need to know about relationships?

There is pain that your partner has caused. Sometimes your partner was consciously hurting you and their self. After many discussions you had about it, the feeling of distance or anger still comes to you and it is very difficult to forgive what has happened.

Sometimes your partner hurts you unconsciously. We choose our partners having some conscious and unconscious expectations. Most of them come from our past. We want our partner to give us something we didn’t have before, for example, being loved or feeling safe.

Being mindful and self-aware are a key to a fulfilling relationship.

Dynamics of relationships:

Forgiveness exercise

Imagination and reality:

What can help?

Good books to read:

What do I need to know about sexuality?

Sexuality in a couple needs to connect two areas of their lives: playfulness and responsibility.

Playfulness unlocks the child-like part in you when you feel connected, vulnerable but are also ready to engage and play. This further connects to the area of sexual fantasies that stimulate us. Sexual fantasies largely come from the internalised ‘emotional temperature’ of the family we grown up in and the quality of attachments we formed with our parents and siblings. It is not a secret that people who had secure attachments in their childhood enjoy sex more. Those with ambivalent or avoidant attachment past experiences may have sexual fantasies that may surprise or concern them.  The challenge in this case is to try to understand our own sexuality and to avoid engaging in sexual excitement only without any attempt to connect emotionally.

Responsibility unlocks the potential of looking and caring after our own body and future life.  Failure to do so may have a negative impact on our relationships and on our long term happiness.

Attachment styles

Sex starved relationships – short video

Sexual Rejection – short video

About woman’s sexual pleasure

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