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Why being in a couple therapy with Kasia is different?

Clear goal – you will understand what you need to do to change your couple’s dynamics. Kasia aims to create shared understanding by forth/fifth session.

Clear time frame – when a couple’s therapy goes for ages without clear guidance from the therapist it seems like there is no hope. Clear frame gives you and your partner an opportunity to commit to the work.

Clear guidance – Kasia feels uneasy about couple’s therapy that does not guide but concentrates on assisting the couple by containing their emotional struggle only.

With Kasia, by the forth session, you will be in a process of formulating together what is happening in your couple. You will have a clear and in-depth understanding of what is happening and what to work on.

‘As relationships brings so much joy but also suffering, I trained extensively in relationship psychotherapy working for institutions such as Tavistock Relationships, Marriage Care and in private practice. I will be able to direct you alone or you and your partner to a safe space when enjoyment is possible again. I won’t be giving examples of situations partners seek therapy for because there are as many of them as couples.

I would like to mention though, that at some point I completed an MSc in Human Development, observing babies and researching parents’ (especially mums’) experience of children with disabilities. I warmly welcome couples who have theses experiences as they weight heavily on couple relationships. I also have extensive experience of working with couples whose subfertility issues caused their relationship to deteriorate.

I am married since 2010. The question always remains unanswered whether a psychotherapist treating couples needs to be in a stable relationship?’

What is Relationship Counselling?

It is basically a conversation with a trained professional about the difficulties that you experience in your relationship.  A relationship counsellor provides a caring, non-judgmental and supportive environment to help you find a way through any difficulties you may be facing. She will look into the barriers to experiencing a fulfilling relationship. Together, in relationship counselling, you will look at strategies that will help you overcome the difficulties you are experiencing at the moment.

Where do I start?

You and your partner (or you on your own) can meet Kasia for a one off consultation. Once you’ve made an appointment, Kasia will ask some questions about you and your partner, your relationship and what you hope to get out of counselling. In a non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere you will have an opportunity to explore what is happening right now in your relationship. The meeting usually takes 50 minutes. At this stage you will also talk about the best times for your further sessions, if the decision is to progress further. If there is no clarity what is best at this stage or you are not in a position to commit to short term counselling, a follow-up meeting can be organised the following week. This may give you time to think how you would like to progress into counselling. You might decide to have counselling with your partner or on your own.

Which type of counselling is suitable for me?

Kasia will help you to decide but generally there are a few options:

Short term 10 session couple counselling – a course of 10 regular weekly counselling session can be scheduled. These sessions are mixture of couple meetings and individual sessions. For example, in the first week both of you meet Kasia, there will be a session with one partner the next week and the following week with the other partner. This structure will give you time to work through the difficulties you are experiencing at the moment. During the first four sessions you will be working with Kasia to identify the dynamics that damages your relationship. The following sessions will be used to explore the causes of this dynamic, whether it is rooted, for example, in your past relationships, the models of behaviours that you learnt in your childhood and young adulthood, whether it comes from unresolved anger towards your partner, unmet expectations or the damaging behaviour of your partner.

At the end of your 10 session block you may decide that you are in a position that you don’t need the input of a trained clinician, other times you may want to extend the time and work with your therapist for slightly longer. This option suits couples who are functioning generally well but want to improve their relationship.

19 session couple counselling – The slightly longer option gives a bit more security in terms of working together and relying on a time slot that both of you and Kasia can attend. It starts in the same way as the 10 couple counselling treatment but the following sessions will be used to repair the damage. They will move the couple relationship into a safe and loving space again that reduces loneliness and bring cooperation and true team work in your relationship.

How can Relationship Counselling help me?

It really depends what you want to get out of it, but it’s rare that you will leave without feeling a positive change.

For some people, counselling will transform their relationships and their lives. For others, it will help them solve a specific problem and move forward with more confidence.

Kasia may offer you advice or techniques to try in your own time. Each session usually lasts 50 minutes. Couple therapy with Kasia usually involves a mix of sessions, some with a couple and some individual ones.

Just talking to someone who isn’t involved in the relationship can help you. It will help you to make sense of what you are feeling and to gain clarity over what is actually going on. It will change how you might negatively perceive yourself or your partner by truly appreciating how you inadvertently impact and react to each other. It will further your acceptance and expression of different aspects of your unique personality and will help your confidence by healing the most important relationship – the relationship with yourself.

How can I arrange a consultation and when do I need to pay for it?

Just email Kasia at, providing a very brief description of your concerns and letting her know the days and times that suit you the most. One-off consultation can help to clear your mind with a trained, neutral third person and can provide options that you can consider later.

Payment for consultations are taken via bank transfer before your consultation and it is usually within 24 hours of the time the consultation has been reserved. By paying up-front you are confirming that your intention of attending a consultation is serious. This arrangement has been put in place to protect the practice from those who arrange a consultation and do not come. When someone arranges a time slot, this slot cannot be offered to someone else.

These consultations cannot be rescheduled or cancelled, so be mindful when you are scheduling them as refund will not be made.

Go to the Relationship Support to access self-help resources.

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‘I was really pleased with the couple’s counselling services offered by Kasia. Her intelligent, analytical observations on my relationship with my partner opened up entirely new perspectives for us both to explore, and allowed us to discuss our problems openly in a calm, welcoming, mediated environment. Her input was invaluable and allowed us to understand each other better, adding much-needed stability and giving us renewed drive to make things work. 

I would definitely recommend Kasia to intervene and assist when a relationship becomes difficult. She is extremely professional and an excellent psychotherapist, as well as being friendly, warm and approachable, creating a very comfortable atmosphere which is essential for sensitive therapies like this.’