Mindfulness exercise & videos


1. Decide to spend 15 minutes every day to remain still.
2. Choose a regular time of the day which suits you (a quiet time, not too late at night when you may fall asleep).
3. Choose the same place each time. Sit down comfortably with your back straight and feet touching the ground.

4. Focus on your breathing.
5. Follow the AWARE approach:

A – Ask yourself gently…
W – What is happening right here, right now (Give a name to the feeling, thought or sensation and gently return to focusing on your breathing. Let your thoughts come and go gently.)
A – Allow life to be just as it is, accept it, non -judgementally, non-analytically
R – Release – be aware of your breathing
E – Expand awareness – Drop dipper into yourself.

Focus on the life within yourself that moves your mind and body. Ignore the noise in your mind. Let yourself stay with compassionate love. Let your mind be moved by the compassionate love.

Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness – short video

What do we have all wrong about meditation – short video

Who are we? – short video

How Mindfulness empowers us – short video

Why Mindfulness is a superpower -short video

Mindfulness – how the brain works – short video

Managing stress with mindfulness – short video

Guided mindfulness meditation apps:

  • The Oxford Mindfulness Centre
  • Insight Timer (search for Martin Williams sessions)
  • Head Space (first few sessions are for free)