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Mindfulness is a practice through which we systematically train ourselves to be in the present moment more often and simply being aware of what is going on withing us, attending with compassion, kindness and curiosity to the unfolding of experience.

If practised systematically, for example, through body scan, sitting meditation, mindful movement, reduces stress in life, creates self-awareness, helps us to contain our emotions, reduces depression and anxieties, improves lives of those who suffer with chronic pain and improves our functioning in relationships.

Although simple in its intention and essence, mindfulness practice often feels hard and difficult work. It is practice when we train ourselves to stay in the present moment. This runs counter to our instincts to avoid the difficult and challenging aspects of our experience.

Counselling connected with learning how to practise mindfulness will bring the long-awaited change.


Please browse the Library for an exercise or information suitable to your needs:

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In order to start meditation in your own religious tradition, it is recommended to begin with mindfulness.

Here you will be directed to a website where you can create your own InterSpiritual Meditation

Meditation – Christian tradition

Meditation – Islamic tradition

Meditation – Jewish traditions

iRest Yoga Nidra

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