Meditation with the Scripture – Christian tradition

Meditation with passage from the Scriptures for those who come from Christian tradition*

(An excellent exercise for those who suffer from a deep lack of sense in their life.)

1. Decide to spend some time, for example 15 minutes every day to stay still. Be faithful to it.
2. Choose a time of the day which suits you (a quiet time, not too late at night when you may fall asleep). I recommend early in the day, if this is at all possible, so with time it brightens up your day.
3. Choose the same place if you can.
4. At the beginning of each meditation ask the Holy Spirit to join you.
5. Chose a passage to read. It may be part that you wanted to read or a reading of the day that you can find on the internet.
6. Be attentive to the word or sentence that keeps your attention.
7. Focus on it (You may chose any of the technique that suits you and helps you focus: writing it down slowly, memorising it, translating it into another language, or even translating it from original using dictionaries/internet dictionaries specialising in the Gospel**, analysing grammatical structure).
8. Let the Word stay in you through the day and lighten up your the depth of self.

* Please note this is a method of spiritual reading called Lectio Divina that goes back to the third century and promotes a relational approach to Scriptures. More on Lectio Divina.

** For example,