Cancellation Policy & Fee

How can I pay for regularly scheduled sessions?

Payment for sessions is taken by your therapist via bank transfer within 24 hours of scheduling your next session.

What is going to happen if I miss session?

You usually agreed a block of 8 session when the time is reserved for you. If your session is booked please make sure you are in a position to attend your session. Missed sessions and consultations are payable in full.

Can I cancel a session?

Your counsellor requires 5 days notice of cancellation in order for you not to be charged for your scheduled sessions. This way your time can be offered to someone who is in a position to attend and who is waiting for an appointment.

Please note, to avoid disappointment, that you therapist is obliged to offer this slot to a person who she sees when you cancel. This mean that the new person has a priority in booking the slot.

What if I am ill, have difficulties to arrange a childcare or have a meeting at work that I have to attend?

This may sound ridiculous, but you will be expected to cancel 5 days in advance and after a cancellation a different slot may be offered to you. This is in place to protect the business of psychotherapy that is focused on providing therapeutic help but also operates as a regular business that pays taxes, registration fees and other business related expenses.

What if the therapist cancels?

The therapist covers the expenses for cancelled session. The client is not charged.

The therapist intends to give two weeks’ notice when she needs to cancel your session, unless is an emergency.

What is the fee?

Kasia provides high quality clinical care thanks to her high quality clinical and academic training. She cares for a reasonable number of clients each week to ensure that there is a high quality space for each of them, for significant improvement of mental health of each of them, for good quality supervision on their difficulties and for additional preparation and research for each meeting. This is reflected in the fee below.

INDIVIDUAL SESSION in the clinic £95

Individual Session via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime/Telehealth Session £85

SESSION FOR A COUPLE in the clinic £135

Session for a couple via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime/Telehealth £125


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